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VANDAL RIOT 4.5 – 2017

VANDAL RIOT 4.5 – 2017.

replaced main panel

tear on sleeve


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The Riot is our best handling and performance wave / freestyle sail. All wave sailors out there want that lightweight feel in their hands whilst receiving constant power throughout their turns, and all freestylers want that power instantly to pop into their moves.

For 2017 knew there was no need for an overhaul to an already test winning proven sail. So for the new range we have made only minor adjustments and tweaks to a few key sizes where we felt improvements could be made.

So for the 2017 Riot range we will be keeping the short luff concept, the bionic concave panel layout and  all our lightweight materials in the upper body of the sail producing a beautifully balanced and manoeuvrable sail allowing precision handling and overall stability.



  • A newly designed all round wave / freestyle performance sail
  • Sizes 3.6m to 5.0m come with 4 battens
  • Sizes 5.3m to 5.8m come with 5 battens
  • Every Riot sail can fit onto a 400cm mast with the 4.7m and all sizes below coming with a vario top
  • Folded back tack patching and silicon batten bumpers protects the stitching from grinding on your board and ground
  • Strap-on systems keeps your sail rolled up tight


Here in Naxos you will find the magical mix of waist-deep lagoon and waves, as well as the best equipped windsurf center.

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