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Naxos Surf Club: Windsurf Center - Greece, Windsurfing Holidays, Kitesurf - Lessons Naxos Surf Club: Σχολή Windsurf - Κέντρο Ιστιοσανίδας, Νάξος, Κυκλάδες Naxos Windsurfen

Welcome to the Greece windsurfing heaven!

Here in Naxos you will find the magical mix of waist-deep lagoon and waves, as well as the best equipped windsurf center.

Our features include:

  • Superb surf spot with ideal wind conditions
  • New, top quality windsurf equipment – 55 JP Australia boards and 80 Neil Pryde & North Sails rigs
  • Windsurfing school with VDWS and RYA certified surf instructors
  • Suitable for all levels and family friendly
  • Just 10mins walk from Naxos town
  • IKO kiteboarding centre at Mikri Vigla.Coming soon !

We will make your windsurfing holiday easy and cost effective. We offer Holiday packages, studios or hotel accommodation, mountain biking, car rental, ferries to Naxos, port / airport pick up and complete travel information to get you in Naxos.

In the following web pages you will find everything you need to know for your windsurf holidays in Naxos.
Have great fun surfing!

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