The incredible all round spot of the Aegean sea

Lagoon : You will enjoy some of the best freestyle and slalom conditions worldwide. The flat water and the standing depth guarantee your improvement and finally cracking that carve gybe. As you move towards the reef, which separates the lagoon in two spots, you will find some small but nice waves for learning jumps or trying forwards.

Wave spot : It’s just a tack away! You cross over from the lagoon to the waves through a marked gateway at the offshore reef. There you will find reef breakers and wind blown waves between 1 to 2.5 m high, which offer excellent jumping and backside riding conditions for novice and advanced wave sailors.

Wind conditions : The location is exposed to the north, the wind is onshore to cross onshore and is incredibly steady with no gusts, lulls or abrupt changes in direction. During summer months the renowned “meltemi” delivers guaranteed planning conditions almost every day.

Perfect playground : The waist deep lagoon with its sandy seabed and onshore wind make training extremely safe, ensuring that kids and beginners will enjoy a fun introduction to windsurfing and develop skills in a secure environment.

There are endless options for your non-windsurfing partners too: You are just a 5 min walk from Agios Georgios, the town beach, and 15min walk from Naxos town. Everything you could ever need from a windsurf destination!